Sonicville-360. Hearing is Believing.

The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movieGeorges Lucas

Indeed George… and even more so for VR !
Today, VR is everywhere.
But Visual immersion is not enough. It is the audio experience that makes you truly believe that you are in another world.
Sonicville-360 is a production unit which focuses on innovative sound recording and mixing.
The evolution of the technology for VR has principally been aimed at improving the quality of the visual. We have researched the various ways in which the treatment of sound can play a major part in the overall experience. We work with the most relevant, precise and accurate equipement for sound localisation in a 360° soundfield.

VR Sound Recording

Recording location sound for 360 audio has its specific challenges. To meet these challenges our team of experienced recording professionals provides the best standards in ambisonic recordings

Sound Design For Linear & Interactive Content

Now that more and more content is interactive, sound design and mixing must also be Non-Linear. Next to industry standard postproduction software we also make use of game audio middleware enabling us to link linear and non-linear sound creation. We are in close contact with developers to help us create the concepts we need to produce the best interactive & immersive sound.

We can deliver binaural, ambisonic, 7.1, stereo and even a custom speaker-layout mixes dedicated to a specific room !

Innovative Sound Lab

We will shortly release a system able to track the position of standard microphones and mix them in an ambisonic virtual space. Yes! We will provide sound immersion for Live VR Content !


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